Age: 24 - 36 months

Two year olds love to be independent and investigate their surroundings. In our two-year-old room, your child will have the opportunity to safely play, learn and explore using his/her newly found independence.

Through a balance between both teacher directed and child led activities, children will learn about colors, numbers, letters, shapes and sizes. In addition, an important focus at this stage will be potty training. We will partner with you to ensure that your child will have a positive experience with potty training and will be successful in this skill. We will also focus on character development at this stage, with an emphasis on sharing and learning to play with others.

Your little one will continually learn new vocabulary through everyday experiences and conversations with teachers and classmates. As speech develops, children will learn to express their wants and needs. You will be amazed to see what your two-year-old can do with little assistance!