We are dedicated to guiding your children through the journey to reach The Heights of education.

Why Choose The Heights School?

The Heights School is not just a daycare center.

We provide excellent care and an education, in a safe, clean, nurturing and fun environment, for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old.

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The Heights School Values:

  • Learning

    – Our highly qualified staff & well-rounded curriculum foster learning
  • Nurturing

    - We provide a nurturing environment to encourage children’s social emotional development
  • Integrity

    – Our honest & reliable staff instill trust & confidence
  • Respect

    – Individuality is embraced & encouraged; enriching each child’s personal experience

Supporting Science

In addition to research on the positive impact of preschool, there is a body of evidence that benefits to children would be even greater if their earliest experiences better supported the critical areas of development (Nelson, C.A., 2000).

The chart illustrates the sequence of neural connections, showing that sensory and language pathways form largely during a baby’s first year, and that cognitive connections peak from 10 months to 5 years. Focusing on the quality of early experiences for children as early as possible will help to ensure that they are equipped with the skills and competencies necessary to succeed.


Our highly qualified teachers plan and implement lesson plans for each age group, starting in infancy. Our structured curriculum, the Heights FLOW, creates a Foundation of Learning for the Outside World, so that children will not only succeed in the classroom, but will be given the knowledge, skills and confidence to flourish far beyond their preschool years.

Our curriculum is play-based and hands on, and combines aspects of the proven methods of both the Highscope and Creative Curricula. We also incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering & Math into our program at an early age, which supports children’s overall academic growth, develops early critical thinking and reasoning skills, and enhances later interest in STEM study and careers.

Our goal is to meet each individual's social/emotional and physical needs, while fostering learning at each stage of his/her early years. Our curriculum creates a positive learning experience for all types of learners. The Heights FLOW creates a balance between child-centered learning and teacher-directed learning, which fosters each child’s individual learning styles, while guiding them to reach their highest potential.


As an educator, I had very high expectations about the quality of care and education when I enrolled my children in daycare/preschool.All 3 of my children attended daycare/preschool with Kristen as either a teacher or manager over a period of 7 years. My oldest was lucky enough to have Kristen for kindergarten and grew tremendously both academically and socioemotionally during that year...

Because I am in touch with many of the parents of kids in his kindergarten class, I know that all of the children, from their excellent start with Ms. Kristen, have continued to prosper academically all the way into 5th grade. My two younger children benefited from Kristen's role as manager and her focus on professional development. Kristen and I would often talk about the changing educational landscape in K-12 education and how that impacted pre-k and pre-school programs. She ensured that her teachers were up to date on relevant teaching strategies and methods.

I knew that Kristen's dream was to open her own childcare center and I only wish she had done it sooner! Anyone who chooses The Heights will be benefiting from her expertise, compassion and dedication as an educator."


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